IR14 Streamer button

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IR14 Streamer button

Postby ChuckstarUK » Sat Nov 03, 2018 2:02 pm


Sorry if this has been asked before but I am trying to understand why the Streamer button on the iR14 doesn’t power on the Dac XP Signature and the Stream X Signature? The CD button does as it is supposed to (switches on cd and preamp and power amp and sets the input to cd). Not so for the streamer button...

The mc-bus is all setup correctly. The input on the preamp for the Stream X is set to Stream X. The streamer is set to Source Mode and also set to Stream X.

If I switch on the preamp manually and select the Stream X input the streamer unit switches on. But not with the iR14.

Firmware levels are all up to current revisions (v4.3)

Thanks for any help!