AT95e cartridge with paratrace 95P stylus

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AT95e cartridge with paratrace 95P stylus

Postby callen24 » Sun Dec 03, 2017 12:44 pm

short review
Having listened to 20 albums all the way through I think I can say this is a quite big jump from the elys2 cartridge i've had for 4 years.
But it has a very different sound to the elys2.
initially I thought, where is the bass, but having gone near the speakers it was apparent that the drums and bass guitars were just well defined.
I really like the overall balance of the different elements, particularly good on any kind of acoustic instrument, screechy violins, splashy cymbals are there, but restrained enough.
I have no point of reference other than the elys2 and ofoton 2M Red i had before, i'm sure there are much better carts than this, but I plumped for this because i didn't want to spend £250 plus on a cart. I know quite a lot of you have £500 plus carts.

And cu has once again saved me money, i was originally pointed to the AT440mlb, but stocks were low, and its replacement is £249, not £179.
Because of cu i had become aware of the audiofile upgrade AT turntable, and this is how I found the 95P stylus.
Cart and stylus fitted for £155 makes this an amazing value cart if you want to dig out detail, have a defined soundstage in which the elements have character .
I read a few forum posts questioning whether these styluses will have consistent diamond quality, or whether they wear vinyl more. Given the result, i'm not sure i care.
So vinyl is set to become more than just occasional pleasure, in my flat.
But i am reminded of the limits of this format, a few crackles in the run in groove at the beginning, and the brand new vinyl ive just played, queens greatest hits on double vinyl, needs a good clean. So i'm glad I spent money on a record cleaning machine, not a £500 cart
i'd be interested to know if people think there is a better cartridge for this sort of money?
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Re: AT95e cartridge with paratrace 95P stylus

Postby hifinutt » Thu Dec 14, 2017 4:59 pm

ah glad cu could save you money !
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Re: AT95e cartridge with paratrace 95P stylus

Postby vincula » Wed Oct 10, 2018 12:55 pm

Giving the context of your system, I think it's a good match. I'd rather have a Goldring from the 1000-series fitted to that Rega, a 1042 if funds allow. Having said that, the Paratrace AT95's a different animal altogether than the stock one.

In passing, I've got the same RCM as you. I'm glad I invested in a RCM, even though my neighbours must be keep asking themselves why I switch on my vacuum cleaner at any given occasion, but that's another matter.