Sticky - use of the private classifieds section

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Sticky - use of the private classifieds section

Postby Robert » Thu Dec 16, 2010 12:52 pm

The Private classifieds are used at the seller and buyers risk. Cyrusunofficial, its owners, Admin and moderators take no responsibility whatsoever for any deal concluded or otherwise within the classifieds sections of the forum.

This section is provided as a free service to non-trade members; any transactions are entered into entirely at the member’s own risk. It is a privilege of membership, not a right, so please do not abuse it.

Brand new members have restricted access to this section, in that threads may not be created until the member has reached a certain number of posts (must be "Full member" or above, currently set at 100 posts). This is to promote this board as one provided to members who have participated in the forum.

Members who have not yet reached "Full member" status may subscribe to the forum with a "CU Member Subscription" for a £10 per year fee. This provides access to create threads in the Private area of the Trading Floor. This option is achieved via the subscriptions are in the member profile panel.

* Please note *
The private deals area is for members to sell / swap hifi kit. Inappropriate use of the private deals area may lead to membership of this forum being revoked. Paid subscriptions do not elevate a Member's rights.

"For sale" threads or posts made in the incorrect forum may be closed /deleted. Linking / promoting ebay sales or threads in other forums by non "Full" members is frowned upon, and these will be deleted.
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