ASR Basis Exclusive  [SOLD]

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ASR Basis Exclusive  [SOLD]

Postby Starwarsmike2422 » Mon Sep 17, 2018 9:57 am

Hi welcome to my listing.

If you are looking at this Phonostage you will know the ASR Basic Exclusive is one of the worlds best phonostages.

Original cost £8500.

Looking for £2800

2 Box version

Box 1 - Is the MM/MC Phonostage itself. You can connect moving magnet or Moving coil cartridge to this phonostage, you can also connect 2 turntables if you have the luxury of owning 2 Turntables. There are a range of Dip-Switches inside which you can exactly customise to your cartridge. See manual link ... l.pdf?dl=0

I also paid £750 for the upgraded package which includes;

ASR Basis Exclusive, 2 inputs 1 set

WBT 210 ag, RCA connectors silver

Argento XLR connectors Rhodium fuses

You can connect RCA or XLR inputs, and also RCA or XLR Outputs.

Box 2 - This is the battery power supply for the phonostage. This battery completely powers the phonostage, so no need to worry about poor mains/conditioners etc. It works on DC. You just connect the Battery to the phonostage and set to auto.

Please read full review here. It can explain how good this phonostage is.

Why am I selling? I am moving away from Vinyl. For info I have ASR Emitter II amplifier which I am keeping, it's just an incredible piece of kit, Like all the ASR Kit.

I will either deliver this myself, also happy to help setup if required, or send on a pallet. Comes with Original packaging.

With regards to Ohms output for your cartridge, I have created a spreadsheet calculator, so you enter what Ohms you require and it will tell you what DIP switches to set. I cannot stress how much you can customise the ohms settings. You can get to the exact ohms required for your cartridge, it also has various gain settings. I have owned phonostages that give you the choice for 100-200-300 ohms etc, the ASR can give you 375 or 360 if you wanted.

I cannot stress how good this phonostage is, I have owned Cyrus Signature/PSX-R/ combo/ Various Whest phonostages, but nothing comes anywhere near the ASR. You probably thinking why am I moving away from Vinyl then? I have recently found a DAC that can perform close to my Vinyl setup.

Before purchasing please contact me to discuss delivery, pending where you live I can deliver and setup for you. I am based in North Yorkshire
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