Upgraded SME 20/2, plus £650 free items  [SOLD]

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Upgraded SME 20/2, plus £650 free items  [SOLD]

Postby Starwarsmike2422 » Mon Sep 17, 2018 6:44 pm

For Sale is used SME 20 Turntable & SME V Tonearm

Read below to see upgrades made to the SME 20/2 Turntable

Download dropbox photos below

Please see free items worth £650 below

Looking for £4500

SME 20 Turntable

 Bought in 2006
 Comes with all original accessories
 Comes with original packaging and has original manual
 Condition; in perfect used working order, there are few small blemishes to the platter, see photo.
 Bearing was checked last year, all ok
 New platter belt has just been fitted
 SME Turntable is also fitted with Q-UP tonearm lifter
 SME original Strobe disc, unused

SME 20 Power Supply

 This is the most up to date power supply for the SME 20
 Last year the power supply was send to SME for the latest PCB board, see new rubber band on Turntable motor, this is for the new improved tork of the Power supply
 Included in this listing is a free Black Rhodium Fusion Power cable worth £200

SME V Tonearm

 Bought with Turntable in 2006
 Comes with original accessories. There is damping oil, but you will need bearing oil going forward. I have left the original tubes in the box for reference.
 Comes in original packaging and has original manual
 The Tonearm wire has been rewired with pure silver IKEDA wire, this was professional done by Audio Origami (Johnny) £300 upgrade. Audio Origami rewired straight from the DIN connector straight through to the Tonearm, thus having less connections. To be honest this is the best upgrade I have ever had without breaking the bank. The sound improvement was huge.
 I have kept all the original wires/connectors, there in the SME V box

Also included in this listing are some used free items worth £650

 Q-Up Tonearm lifter - £50
 KAB SpeedStrobe Turntable speed checker - £100
 Cardas Frequency Sweep and Burn-in Record - £30
 Super Exstatic Record brush - £15
 Audio Technica AT615 Professional Turntable Level - £25
 Stylus Tracking Force gauge/scale - £40
 Black Rhodium Fusion Power cable worth £200
 Soundeck sound Damping isolation feet - £200 (put these under any equipment feet and here the difference)

Delivery – Depending on where you live, I am happy to deliver, otherwise please ask for courier quote before purchase

Although SME turntables are straight forward to setup. If you are new to Turntables or would like me to setup, I am more than happy to setup for you, please message for further details.

All in perfect working order, a part from few very small blemishes on the platter. See close up photo

Download photos here

https://www.dropbox.com/sh/xyca1hl0deit ... AOYGa?dl=0
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