Vortexbox music server / CD ripper

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Vortexbox music server / CD ripper

Postby gary66 » Sat Feb 02, 2019 8:23 am

Vortexbox box Lux SSD
500GB (approx 1200 CDs in FLAC format)
Silent, fan-less operation
USB, Toslink optical, HDMI, DVI, ethernet,
Width 262mm, Depth 238mm, Height 80mm+feet

Bought new late 2015, but I don't have many CDs so very occasional use, and now fully Tidal so no longer listen to CDs.
Mint condition.

I bought it from this site, details of current version here, which looks the same but maybe updated software:
https://www.vortexbox.co.uk/Audiostore_ ... 49389.aspx

£250 + delivery