Sale for Job Lot of 20 Vibrapod various sizes

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Sale for Job Lot of 20 Vibrapod various sizes

Postby Starwarsmike2422 » Wed Jun 27, 2018 7:03 am

Hi please make me offer for the job lot. New unused Job lot of 20 items. PM me with offer

Vibrapod Company :

No 4 = 2 x sets of Four

No 3 = 1 x set of Four

No 2 = 1 x set of Five

Unmarked No = 1 set of Three.

New unused Job lot of 20 items.

Recommended retail price £12 / pack of 4.

"Available in 4 versions. Model 1 to model 4 based on weight capacity, For the ultimate performance use with the Vibrapod Cones Vibrapods improve the performance of All HI-FI and A/V components by removing unwanted vibrations. Pop a set (4) of these feet underneath an Amplifier, CD Player, DAC , Pre-amp, Power Amp, Phono Stage, Speakers, Turntable, AV receiver etc, to be rewarded by cleaner sound and sharper video images to insure the highest level of musical and video performance Vibrapods are the most affordable vibration absorbing feet These very effective dampers have been highly recommended by The Absolute Sound and Stereophile, among other publications. Model 2 supports equipment weighing between 5.44kg and 14.5kg."

Weight per 1 Vibrapd

Model 1 - 1.13kgs
Model 2 - 2.72kgs
Model 3 - 4.53kgs
Model 4 - 7.26kgs

Multiply the kgs above by each Vibrapod you plan to put under your equipment
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