SOLD: LINN Kaber Speakers. Walnut. Boxed. Polymer Stands. Active or Passive.

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SOLD: LINN Kaber Speakers. Walnut. Boxed. Polymer Stands. Active or Passive.

Postby sunbeamgls » Wed Jul 18, 2018 9:06 pm



A pair of LINN Kabers for sale.

- A fantastic pair of walnut Kabers in fully functioning order.
- Currently they are set up for active (Aktiv) operation, but they come with a full set of passive crossovers so they can be converted back to passive operation. The crossovers are becoming very scarce now as dealers often just binned them after a passive to active conversion :(
- Also included are the upgraded polymer stands (sometimes referred to as "Kustone" stands). These were an upgrade option and improve the bass performance and musicality of the speaker - they have all the correct bolts, washers, spikes and the 8 plastic spike covers
- This pair are fitted with the 015/2 tweeter version
- The grilles are in perfect condition and have the rubber bands fitted
- They come fully boxed in the original Linn packaging and both the inner and outer boxes
- The stands come in their original separate box and packaging
- The manual, stand fitting instructions and allen key are included
- Finished in walnut they are almost mint. Unfortunately there are a couple of water stains on the top of one speaker - fortunately though, they have managed to blend in with the grain rather well - see the photos below. The rest of that speaker and the other speaker are, as far as I can see, unmarked. The stands have some very minor scuffs (probably from vacuuming).

The speakers are in the North West of England. I'm happy to ship them wherever at cost, but will only ship with full value insurance. As there are 3x heavy boxes, this could be quite expensive, but will be at cost. They can be collected (can be heard on the end of a Linn Exakt system) or we can possibly arrange a mutual pick up point, particularly in the North West or on the route from North West to the Reading area. Can also leave for pick up at an address in the North East if you can be patient enough.

349GBP for speakers, stands and passive crossovers.

All sides of both speakers are shown over at The Wam (because I got errors trying to post multiple pictures here) ... ive-boxed/