Audeze iSIne 10

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Audeze iSIne 10

Postby Attonine » Wed Aug 08, 2018 8:33 pm

Just got hold of a pair of these. Link below if you don't know what they are. ... -headphone

These are incredible sounding headphones. I don't know if they fall into IEM category, If you are looking for IEM or something to use with your phone/iPod thing, you must consider these. I think these are so good that for many they can be considered for big boy duty with the grown ups hifi in the living room, they are that good. They don't have IEM sound, they have an open and expansive sound, there's nothing else like them for the portable market.

They are open back so do not isolate. For me this is fine, fantastic in fact, as I like to be able to hear whats going on around me, I find sound isolation a somewhat claustrophobic experience, so the open nature of the iSines is just great. I can see these being very useful if used by cyclists or motor cyclists, as they allow for that awareness of your surroundings that many other high end portable headphones try to remove. If traffic noise and other background noise is a deal breaker for you, then these aren't going to work for you. Yes they leak, if the volume is cranked up, if the leakage is enough to annoy anyone in your office you either already have damaged hearing or are going about damaging it.

I found fit very good with the behind the ear hanger clips. I could easily use them for gym duty with no worries.

I am using them with the Cipher cable, the special DAC inclusive cable that is designed for iPhone. You know whats coming, this is great. It massively improves over the regular cable provided. I don't know what Audeze have done here, but loudness is increased and everything is just more. Downside of this cable is that it's heavy, I have to use the provided clip to clip it to my shirt to hold the weight.

Retail price is around £350, and these are the bottom of the range iSine. I didn't pay this, I paid £160 from CEX, a kind of Cash Converter store. Would I pay £350? For living room use, probably yes, for my iPhone, probably no. Saying that, I've never had a set of headphones or IEMs for iPhone use that fit as securely and comfortably as these.......and nothing comes close to the sound.
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Re: Audeze iSIne 10

Postby Joe » Wed Aug 08, 2018 9:52 pm

Audeze rarely disappoint.
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Re: Audeze iSIne 10

Postby MiniCoupeman » Thu Aug 09, 2018 8:28 pm

Heard Anntonine’ ‘Phones. I am a ‘don’t like in ear ‘phones’. I even had Snugs made for me, very impressive but got loose quickly meaning I had to hold them in to get any bass at all. Tried RHA and reviewed them here. If they fit they are very good but for me Bose noise canx over ear hold sway for trains and planes and.....( Audeze LCD 2 for home listening) Momentum over ear very good but leak badly. Then
Heard Anntonine’s Audeze $ine 10’s.
Going to have to buy some.