BelCanto CD2- SQ tweak

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BelCanto CD2- SQ tweak

Postby Ianmac » Fri Mar 15, 2019 4:28 pm

This is a bit of a blast from the past catching me up again.
I had to search through my CD stock the other day looking for an old CD and came across a CD Enhancement Mat I had bought way back in 1980.
Its a Sicomin ABCDE ( a better C D enhancer) manufactured in France. Its a carbon Fibre mat with Kevlar felt. Sitting on top of the CD as it rotated it was claimed it reduced vibration of the actual CD.

In my book.-- improving the accuracy of the data read and minimising the work being done by the cd electronic error correction.
To use this, one had to stick a small plastic ring around the hole in the CD and the mat sat over the ring holding it in position as the CD rotated. I remembered it worked well, improved the treble and made the music more relaxing to listen to.
The big problem with it was the plastic ring only worked on certain CD player mechanisms. Different rings were eventually offered but loading unreliabilty was high and CD's with rings fitted could only be played on certain CDPs.

Given I now have a "manual" top loading CD I wondered if this mat could be used again.
I tried it on my CD2 with the Magnetic Puck that holds the cd onto the rotor holding both the mat and CD. The results were very good but the concentricity of mat to CD was poor. I had to reference the mat central hole to the CD and Magnetic Puck centre. Initially I placed a thin paper disc onto the base of the puck this fitted into the hole on the Mat. This worked well but operationally it was far to much of a fiddle to set it up.
Revisiting the issue indicated that the best way to ensure accurate and repeatable concentric alignment of all components was to place a ring on the matt that was in precisely the correct position, the puck aligned from this was correct for the CD and transport motor shaft
I made a jig that would ensure a plastic ring could be precisely fitted to the mat , made the appropriate ring from plastic then used the jig to glue it onto the matt. The hole in the mat is 0.800", the puck outside dia is 1.735", ring inside dia 1.737".
Loading the CD was now easy and repeatable. Load CD, place matt on top roughly centred, place the puck into the new ring and all 3 align.
full testing was very pleasing, more natural sound with an obvious improvement in treble.
Lifted the CD2 up a level.
At one stage I though of turning 20thou" off the outer edge of the puck base to form an alignment ring and tried two sources to buy a Puck , Coherent audio( Mr C) and then Bel Canto themselves to find out who was their importer in the UK. Neither have replied !! A little concerned Bel Canto havent replied
Caine gave me the info on Belcanto suppliers about a year ago but I was out of comission for some months with a health issue and I have misplaced it or wiped it from my PC in the many hassles I had with W10.

Anyone old enough to have a Sicomin CD Enhancer lying around -- and a CD2-- I made 2 rings as well as the jig.
Seriously looking for an old Sicomin --made in France --where is Maro?
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