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Welcome to the Cyrusunofficial Archive!
Congrats for finding us rehosted on 34sp.com!

This is an archive of the Cyrusuofficial forum in read only format, from 2005 to 2016. Login is disabled, but the search facility is active and extensive, so you should find a wealth of information here.

To go to the active forum please visit http://www.cyrusunofficial.co.uk

Cyrusunofficial is a "fan" site, and is not associated with Cyrus Audio Ltd or any hifi dealer or manufacturer.

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Remember these banner images?





Cyrusunofficial itself dates back to 2001 and old images are still available at the "way back machine". The forum came about due to a lack of information available on the web at that time for Cyrus Audio, at a period where Cyrus had split from Mission to a separate entity and did not have their own website.

The original forum was a very simple affair using the DiscussionApp developed by Server.com, plus hand crafted "pseudo Wordpress" for news and updates. At some point this became untenable to support / maintain, so the site was moved to a mix of Wordpress and "php" forum software. The forum itself has had many iterations, using invision (when it was free), punbb, mybb, smf and now phpBB.

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Ironically back in 2003/2004 the site was hosted on 34sp.com and now in January 2017 the site has returned to the same host!

For a real time machine view, take a look at Cyrusunofficial in 2001 here. This was the original forum.

The first move to dedicated software used invision.
2004 here

running on phpBB2 ten years ago.
2006 here

running on wordpress + punbb
2007 here

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Cyrusunofficial has moved

This is the archive of cyrusunofficial. The board is kept to read only, no login or registration, but full search capability is retained. The cu forum is many years old, and there is a wealth of infor [...]

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