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‘Matta-Clarking’ has been published in a monograph on Gordon Matta-Clark. “¿Construir …o deconstruir?”, edited by Darío Corbeira, published by Ediciones Universidad de Salamanca, October 2000, ISBN 84-7800-909-4

ENLACE [It connects] 9 – Gordon Matta-clark

Presentation To construct… or to deconstruir? Texts on Gordon Matta-Clark. A book of Darío Corbeira. Projection of the films ” Fresh Kill ” and ” Clockshower “. Wednesday 14 of March to 19 hs. in the Assembly hall. National museum Center of Art Reigns Sofía.

Gordon MATTA-CLARK, New York (1943-1978) is a fundamental artist in the history of the art of last the thirty years; its short and fruitful walking by the edges of the art through the lines that unite daily, political life, architecture, space and time, has turned its work in inescapable reference into the discursivas exhibitions of the last times.

To construct… or to deconstruir? it is a book of tests on the work of Matta-Clark who takes his title from the question that formulated Dan Graham about its work with the architecture. It is made up of five selected tests of the extensive Literature of the written matta-clarkiano universe between 1985 and 2000 by Robert Pincus-Witten, Friedemann Malsch, Sabine Breitwieser, Thomas Crow and Pamela M. Lee, an overhaul and new extension of the text of Peter Fend, and five tests for this one occasion of Corinne Diserens, David Cohn, Carlos Jiménez, Darío Corbeira, Robert Holloway and Marcelo Expósito/Gabriel Villota, a prologue of the publisher and one complete bibliographical selection.

The Castilian version in Constructing… or deconstruir? it is published by the Center of Photography of the University of Salamanca, and constitutes the most complete text editing on the work of Gordon Matta-Clark. Wednesday 14 of March of 2001, to 19 hs. Assembly hall of the MNCARS. C. Santa Isabel, 52. 28012, Madrid. Free Entrance. Gratefulness: Jane Crawford University of Salamanca

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