More ruminations

regarding Cyrus products and other hifi related threads
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More ruminations

Postby MiniCoupeman » Wed Jul 05, 2017 4:13 pm

Well it is summer and a bit quiet so perhaps others would pass on their thoughts about the Law Of Diminishing Returns. I won't explain it, if you don't know, look it up. I consider that there may be more than one sweet spot. I have had some (v.g.) kit over the years but probably didn't take much notice of money/result. Was it better? yes? thats ok then.

I had a need five years ago to 'start again' and I purchased a Cyrus 8 with DAC - sorry can't remember the name, and PMC 21's. The amp/DAC was about 1300 pounds, the PMC's the same. I already had a CD/SACD player and a computer/itunes and a TT. At the time I loved this system and now regard it as a sweet spot. It was wonderful and, I guess, still is.

I upgraded to X200's, brought a Cyrus Pre and a Chord DAC - I sold the Cyrus and brought Nord. I upgraded my cartridge, my phono amp - it goes on BUT - while (nearly) every upgrade was worthwhile it took until now to get to another sweet spot. In the last three months I have spent 6000 pounds upgrading. My none hifi friends are aghast but...... It has been worth it. The difference is obvious and I should (on reflection) have passed on the Ortophon Blue cartridge (300) and jumped straight to the Benz Wood. (1300) I should have gone from my Cambridge phono stage to a MUCH better one (Project installed - thank you crimsondonkey) And while I loved my first two passive pre's- PP10 - on sale now - The Hattor blows them away. So, two sweet spots. The first at about three grand and the second between six and seven grand. (ish)

I guess there are those out there who will add to this? What is the next 'sweet spot?'

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Re: More ruminations

Postby crimsondonkey » Wed Jul 05, 2017 6:46 pm

Two different answers to the next sweet spot -
1. Your room, room treatment and/ or electronic room correction
2. Stopping listening to the kit itself and go find some brilliantly mastered versions of your favourite albums on LP

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Re: More ruminations

Postby callen24 » Wed Jul 05, 2017 7:59 pm

i have to thank you for making your pursuit public.
Because of it I have discovered a "sweet spot" of my own
You raised the issue of a low output phono stage.
Wayne's replies made me realise that the output from my dac was too high, 8 o'clock on the dial was to loud on my passive.
Simp,y by switching from XLR out to RCA ( which has a lower voltage) my normal listening volume is 10 o'clock on the dial.
this simple change has made a big difference to my ears, and it cost zero pence.
i'm even wondering how much better it would sound if 12 o'clock was my normal volume
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