DACXP+ and Pro-Ject Phono Mk2, I'm buzzing, man!

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DACXP+ and Pro-Ject Phono Mk2, I'm buzzing, man!

Postby MadMax » Thu Oct 05, 2017 10:19 am

Ever since I swapped out my 8vs2 (on pre-amp duties) for a DACXP+, I've gotten a hum when listening to vinyl.

I've been putting up with it, but now I want to fix it. I find it strange that the DACXP+ picks up a hum where the 8vs2 didn't, any thoughts as to why this might be the case?

I've narrowed it down to either the phono stage (Pro-Ject Phonobox Mk2) or it's power supply. With the turntable outputs disconnected from the phono stage I still get a hum when the phono is powered. If I cycle the power to the phono I get a bigger buzz, it's almost like I can hear the transformer energising.

I've tried plugging the phono's power supply into an extension lead and moving both the power supply and phono box around, and this makes no difference, which suggests to me that the hum is being transmitted through the interconnects as opposed to being picked up as an EMF.

The power supply is 16v AC. I see that different production runs of the Pro-Ject use different supplies- usually DC. Don't know if this might be a contributing factor?

I've just signed up to the Graham Slee forum so hopefully I can get a loan of a Gram 2, but if anyone's got any ideas I'd greatly appreciate your comments!