Qobuz hi rez and soundkey

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Qobuz hi rez and soundkey

Postby LVitalis » Sat Mar 24, 2018 4:45 pm

Just bought the Qobuz hi rez subscription (and cancelled Tidal).
I installed the Qobuz app on the iPhone and iPad, and connected my Soundkey- Sennheiser and guess what: I can listen in hi rez format while streaming!
Just make sure that streaming in settings is correct, the app will automatically detect the Soundkey and playback in hi rez!

It sounds absolutely fantastic: I can recommend Steely Dan Gaucho in this format, it’s great.

I also gave my Stream x2 to the dealer for the upgrade, will be ready in 2 days, then I can stream hi rez via Qobuz as well. I’ll comment on that set up later.
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