Cyrus Brochure 2003

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Cyrus Brochure 2003

Postby Robert » Mon Nov 14, 2005 12:34 pm

home office: Dell laptop running JRriver MC22 / Meridian Explorer / AKG 550's
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Cyrus Brochure 2003

Postby Robert » Sat Jul 15, 2006 10:38 pm

Cyrus Brochure 2003

Cyrus is a team of 30 enthusiasts who enjoy developing superb hifi and now Home Theatre systems. Based near Cambridge, England, we have been designing and manufacturing superior audio equipment for over 20 years and exporting all around the world.

One of the greatest achievements at Cyrus that could so easily be overlooked is ease of use. Technically sophisticated components are presented to the user as easy to operate, beautifully made objects that are a pleasure to have in one's home. The models are developed as three ranges but you can mix and match from them to create your perfect system.

The ranges are names Six series, Eight series and X series; X series representing our most accomplished engineering to date. Uniquely, our system design is arrangd in such a way that you are able to upgrade from 6 series in logical stages right up to our most accomplished system as your enthusiasm grows.

Unique Cyrus

Cyrus' audio components are all about music; the components could be described as a lens, focusing on the recorded performance. The better the resolving power of the lens the clearer the photograph. Our systems are capable of illuminating and resolving the most surprising details, as singer can leap from the background, complex layers of music are revealed to be a collection of individuals playing together. The better our lens the more remarkable the picture becomes.

We are driven to develop better and better resolving power in our lens, striving to create the clearest and most exciting picture possible. This brochure explains how to build an exceptional audio system capable of having its resolving power improved incrementally, through a series of upgrades, resulting in an audio picture of stunning photographic clarity. Like the finest optical equipment, purity of design and construction are paramount.

If you were to walk through our Huntingdon factories the first area you would encounter would be the test and assembly building. Here the team assesses deliverd components from our suppliers and tests every part before assembling, connecting up to our computer network for calibration and more checking before the mandatory soak-testing and final packing.

Moving through to R&D the same attention to detail is evident but the atmosphere now is studious and focused on possibilities yet to be realised. Here, as the team searches the world for the finest components for new designs, their high tech lab is balanced by the view of a quiet hedgerow, glimpsed through the windows.

Hidden at the very heart of the building is the most tranquil area of all, a large listening room where we tune components. Many late nights and early mornings are spent investigating the subtle possibilities that must be realised before any Cyrus component is worth of the badge.


This wonderful old windmill represents many years of design evolution and a magnificent feature on the flat landscape of eastern England.

Of course today's windmills have come a long way since this example was built, yet successful engineering often benefits from design evolution and Cyrus values this approach. Our internationally acclaimed components are more often the result of designs and ideas fine-tuned over many years.

Very occasionally new ideas emerge that offer genuine advances, such as digital storage of music, and even here Cyrus products benefit from knowledge gained since the inception of digital development back in the early eighties, when our engineers were designing the first audiophile CD players.

Uncommon Quality

Each hand finished Cyrus component is housed within a metal alloy die-
casting. Available in traditional Matt Sheen Black or modern Aluminium
Silver finishes the components must be handled to appreciate the attention to detail that sets them apart. In a world of mass production, this commitment to aesthetic excellence is uncommon at any price. Our website explains why we choose non-magnetic materials, along with many other significant design choices that contribute to our components' sound quality.

Cyrus system components can accommodate future improvements and typically many customers begin with just a CD player, amplifier and FM
radio, aiming to expand and improve their system over time. The options
available to you are many and varied.

The Cyrus family of components follows a logical and affordable upgrade path via which even a basic system may be grown all the way up to our largest AV and Multi-room options. Cyrus systems can even be linked to modern digital home automation systems via our unique MC-BUS technology. Our factory trained retailer network can demonstrate how you can achieve this. A visit to our website or call to our head office will explain where to find one of our specially chosen retailers.

Our hidden MC-BUS (Master Control) is a typically Cyrus feature; it allows
your system to 'talk' to each of its elements. This offers much simplified
functionality as the system slavishly accomplishes complex functions for you. Remarkably, even our largest systems are as easy to operate as the
smallest because the MC-BUS link controls the systems' components automatically.

Silicon Fen

The area around Cambridge's famous universities, known as 'Silicon Fen', is home to Cyrus' UK headquarters. Enjoying an idyllic setting at the epicentre of high technology research in Europe, it must be one of the most stimulating places in the world from which to run our specialist audio business.


If you love the idea of wonderful hi-fi sound but prefer a simple system then Quattro is for you. This astonishing component packs both a quality CD player and a preamplifier into one of our compact chassis. In addition,
Quattro may be specified with an internal card that adds FM radio, including RDS station information on the display.

A second Quattro card option provides access to the increasingly popular field of multiroom audio. Up to three additional zones of your home can be provided with Cyrus quality CD or radio from your Quattro - and it's all so simple to install because our radio frequency handset removes the need for installing wired controllers in each zone of your home.

For most installations Quattro will be partnered with one of our matching
power amplifiers. You choose the model that best suits your home from a wide range of options. If, at a later date, you want to improve the performance of your Quattro system, simply upgrade the power section.

Intelligent System Building

digital disc players

If anybody at Cyrus needed reminding that you cannot take anything for granted, a day speaking to our customers would prove invaluable. Their enthusiasm for expanding systems is boundless. For 10 years we have offered upgrade options as a key Cyrus design principal. Our disc players offer outstanding performance, yet each player's ability can be further enhanced either by adding a PSX-R power supply or a new DAC decoder. Some may even be returned to Cyrus for upgrade to a higher specification model.


If you count yourself as a music enthusiast you will appreciate the way in which our CD players offer a breathtaking three-dimensional picture of each recording. The affordable CD 6 can be returned to our factory and upgraded to the stunning CD 8 model, pictured here, later on.


Our DVD players are designed using the same exacting principles and produce outstanding picture quality. Unusually for DVD players, they also offer high quality audio replay. Many of our disc players can be upgraded retrospectively via a neat internal DAC module that further improves the audio quality. Some can even be factory upgraded to a higher specification model.


Radio can be the most thrilling source of entertainment, and tremendous value. The Cyrus FM X radio tuner is the ultimate Cyrus tuner, able to provide performance indistinguishable from CDs and only needs a good aerial to provide you with a rich source of ever-changing programme material. The Cyrus FM X is a radio for the quality conscious radio lover and provides enhanced performance if partnered with the optional PSX-R power supply. This expands the sound stage and sharpens the acoustic picture re-created in your home by this remarkable radio tuner.


The Cyrus amplifier range begins with two integrated amplifiers, Cyrus 6 and Cyrus 8; these two amplifiers form the keystones of many Cyrus systems. Above them in performance are preamplifier and separate power amplifier models. To complement their superb sonic performance the Cyrus 6 and Cyrus 8 include our latest digital control software to ensure easy system operation from a single remote control. The affordable Cyrus 6 uses the same platform as the more powerful 8 and may be upgraded to include all its additional features. Whether you choose an integrated amplifier for your system or a more sophisticated Pre and Power combination, you can be sure each is part of our flexible system upgrade concept, offering a long and useful life for your investment.


PSX-R is a high performance power supply; it sits between the mains in your home and a Cyrus component. Its job is to act like a huge reservoir that feeds perfectly smoothed power to the partnering component. The result is enhanced resolution because the delicate components are fed smoother power and you can hear more clearly the ability of the system to resolve subtle details.

PSX-R is an upgrade option that most customers add retrospectively, however the
acoustic benefit is so huge that many of our customers eventually buy one for each component in their system, so significant is the improvement. Your dealer will be happy to demonstrate how this valuable accessory improves performance.

Home Entertainment systems with an eye to the future

Cyrus develops components that complement all good hifi systems, yet because our designers engineer our products with specific acoustic signatures, it is not surprising that our components often sound best when used together.

Your dealer will be pleased to help you specify a Cyrus system that provides exactly what you need today. Tomorrow, however, is another day and nowhere more so than in the fast moving world of home entertainment, so your Cyrus audio system of today can expand to become your AV system of tomorrow, while utilising all of your existing investment. Even years later you can upgrade your system to achieve enhanced levels of performance or possibly fill a larger room in a new home.

Our factory trained dealer network can advise you how best to upgrade but here's one example. An initial purchase of our smallest Cyrus 6 integrated amplifier can be upgraded to the more powerful Cyrus 8. A SmartPower can then be purchased to biamp the speakers and a PSX-R added for another boost to resolution. This is by no means the end of the possibilities but it shows how flexible our systems can be.


A good place to start your system is with our Cyrus 6 amplifier, a CD 6 CD
player and an FM X radio tuner. This high performance audio system can
be upgraded in stages to improve both resolution and power. We have
used a CD 6 for this illustration but you could also choose one of our
stunning new DVD players that provide unusually good CD quality as well as stunning pictures. Our DVDplayers can even provide phantom surround sound through just 2 channels - useful for expanding into AV in stages, as funds allow. We make a range of high quality equipment stands and the modern HARK equipment stand pictured is modular in design; you can add shelves as your system grows to accommodate up to 8 components. When HARK is wall mounted every wire is completely hidden and it looks even more striking.

In our second illustration the CD 6 and Cyrus 6 amp have been upgraded to 8 series models. We have also added a PSX-R unit for the CD player and a new SmartPower amp for the Cyrus 8 amp. The CD 8's PSX-R improves the resolving power of the CD player and the addition of the SmartPower benefits the speakers' dynamics by driving the bass units and tweeters separately. Each of the upgrades significantly improves the system's performance; together they make this one of the finest audio systems available. We do, however, offer even more accomplished options at higher prices and performance levels.

This system shows how adding our new AV 8 processor can transform your audio investment into a home theatre system. The Cyrus 8 continues
usefully as the main amp, the SmartPower is now used for driving the centre speaker and a new Q-Power power amp is added to drive the rear channel speakers of a 5-speaker surround sound set-up. You can now choose between swapping your CD 8 for one of our DVD players and using one player for all discs or, for ultimate performance choosing one of our DVD players and retaining the CD 8 for best possible CD performance. This high performance AV and Hi-Fi system remains simple to operate because the components "talk" together and accomplish all the complex switching automatically via the MC-BUS feature. Stunning high- end performance yet simple to operate. Brilliant!

Painting With Music

Developing components at this high level of performance requires large investments in engineering, licensing and experience. Once our engineers complete a technically percise design we begin the long process that subjects all new models to exacting acoustic tuning to create "the Cyrus sound". The listening panel then goes to work, sometimes for months, tuning each new Cyrus model until we consider it worthy. Our listening panel benefits from wide audio experience and is able to shape each aspect of a new component's sonic picture until satisifed they have maximised the performance available from a design. We often use terms from the world of painting and photography, such as light and dark, space and perspective, to describe our work because that's what we do - painting
with music.

Going To The Movies

Home cinema systems are fabulous fun. The latest films on DVD provide digital surround sound, recreating all the excitement of the cinema in the convenience and comfort of your own home.

Our experience with high performance audio ensures our AV systems faithfully reproduce the surround sound illusion at all volume levels. For Cyrus, the key to realistic home cinema sound is not how loud the system can play but how much detail you hear. Of course if you want to experience action film soundtracks at higher volume levels, then Cyrus does make powerful amplifiers capable of providing a dynamic power of over 1,500 watts for each channel.

DVD players

For Cyrus owners it is now possible to choose just one disc player, allowing
replay of both DVDs and CDs. At the heart of our DVD players is our acclaimed CD technology, so audio quality is assured. DVD 6 offers superb picture quality and the very highest, Cyrus quality, CD replay for little more than our entry-level CD player. The more exotic DVD 8 provides higher performance audio and special video outputs for the best possible performance for Plasma and Projection displays. Both players' audio performance can be upgraded by adding our Q7 DAC card and the DVD 8 can be further upgraded by a PSX-R power supply for improved Video and Audio performance.

surround sound

The remarkable AV 8 appears simple enough on the outside, and in operation it is. Look within, however, and you will find we have miniaturised our latest high- performance preamplifier and a digital 5.1-channel AV decoder. This powerful component can form the heart of an AV system or fit seamlessly into an existing system allowing hi-fi enthusiasts to expand into AV. The really clever part, though, is that the AV 8 can self-calibrate your system using the power of its onboard digital systems. At the touch of a button the AV 8 quickly analyses your system, in your room, and calibrates each channel for optimum performance. Simple to operate it may be, but the hidden abilities of the AV 8's control software not only produces sublime performance but also guarantees that the complex set-up (necessary to get the best out of all multi-channel systems) is accomplished easily and accurately for you.

AV 8's articulate software also allows automated control of any number of Cyrus amplifiers. The secret is that our MC-BUS system has replaced the usual forest of controls with a modern, software-enhanced user interface. You enjoy the performance of some of the best amplifiers in the world but never need to think about them once installed. You can even hide the amps in another part of your home if you prefer.

The AV 8 can even be upgraded at our factory to accommodate the multi channel audio outputs from DVD-A and SACD players. Simply select the new input from the built-in menu and the software does the rest. Remarkable indeed!

Extraordinary, Powerful, Moving

X Series

Source components, augmented by dedicated PSX-R's, provide incredible resolution from your CD's, inspiring renewed respect for your favourite artists.

Mono amplifiers, each capable of enormous power, perform with astonishing precision, revealing the delicacy of the softest voice.

Astonishing orchestral climaxes and detail never before heard from your favourite discs.

The ultimate Cyrus system.

Loudspeaker systems

In 1996 NXT plc revealed its remarkable new flat panel loudspeaker technology. Cyrus quickly realised that this exciting new technology promised unique benefits for hi-fi loudspeakers.

The Icon X4 audiophile speaker system, based on this new driver technology, incorporates the Cyrus SurfaceSoundTM X4 panel. Unusually slim and constructed to very high standards, this elegant design represents the current state-of-the-art in loudspeaker development. A powerful moving coil bass driver partners the SurfaceSoundTM panel and allows the Icon to cover a wide bandwidth. Its sound has a unique, open, quality that is truly breathtaking -particularly when partnered with Cyrus electronics.

Our latest X4 SurfaceSoundTM panel is mounted onto a cast alloy chassis that holds four high-power exciters in a precise geometric relationship. The carbon fibre and aluminium honeycomb panel drives the air over its entire surface, eliminating the sweet-spot present in conventional drivers. The result is a sound that is quite different from most speakers' sound, the strong stereo image is audible anywhere in the room and is quite a revelation the first time you hear it.

We also make compact speakers such as CLS 50 and a matching centre channel loudspeaker CLS 50C to create a surround sound speaker system. CLS 70 is slightly larger and has a matching speaker stand for optimum performance. Each of our speakers is described in detail at the back of this brochure.


When we tune each component, to extract the most thrilling performance possible, we carefully select interconnecting cables that compliment the Cyrus sound. These interconnect cables form part of the tuned circuit and so contribute to the balanced sound. We receive so many requests for advice regarding cables that we have now launched a Cyrus interconnect and matching speaker cable so you can hear exactly what we intended when we perfected the tuning our our components in the Cyrus listening room.

Crafted from the best non-magnetic materials our specially tuned cables are the perfect choice for a Cyrus system.

home office: Dell laptop running JRriver MC22 / Meridian Explorer / AKG 550's
music room: PC transport running JRiver MC22 / Naim DAC-V1 / Naim Supernait 2 / Neat Motive SX2
kitchen: Naim Unitiqute 2 / Naim NAP100 / Totem Dreamcatchers