New Cyrus QXR DAC Module

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Re: New Cyrus QXR DAC Module

Postby callen24 » Sun Mar 17, 2019 3:14 pm

nathanc wrote:I'm very interested in getting this upgrade for my Pre2Dac but I'd have to compare it to a 2nd hand Chord2Qute which you can get for the same kind of money.
When I bought my Pre2Dac, I trialled one of those but went for the pre as the improvement in sound was to all inputs, not just digital. That said, I remember the Chord as sounding amazing when plugged in to my old Pre. Keeping the box count the same though, makes it a very attractive proposition!

i suspect that you will find the chord better, but there are other differences, and things to take into account.
For example if you listen to lots of vinyl a better cartridge might bring more overall enjoyment.
And there are amazing speaker bargains, if you collect, available eg more expensive KEFs
but given that i’ve heard the older QX upgrade I suspect the QXR will be rated as good money spent, you get the extra quaranteee to
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